The best commercial cleaning services for all of your facilities.

Blink Facility Solutions

We provide a wide range of janitorial services – from cleaning offices, kitchens and construction sites to sanitizing restrooms and day cares. We make sure your customers and staff are always greeted by an aesthetically pleasing facility that is so hygienic, you might think you could eat off any surface – though we’d highly recommend you stick to a plate.

Blink Facility Solutions proudly serves the Carolinas. With headquarters in Raleigh and Charlotte, we have highly-trained technicians spread across North and South Carolinas. We provide the same high-quality service in both the largest and smallest communities these great states. So no matter where you are, give us a call, and let us prove to you why we are the best the Carolinas have to offer.

What We Do

Your business is unique; that’s why you opened it. Blink believes that the way businesses are cleaned should be individualized, too. Each client deserves to have their needs expressed and met by an attentive group of professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction. 

Blink not only cares, but they have the right tools to get the job done. From bathroom sanitization to restaurant cleanliness inspection preparation, they have the things needed to make sure the job in done well, done efficiently and done to exact specifications.

However, what makes a good clean isn’t as much the equipment as it is the expert operating it. Blink’s technicians are extensively trained and qualified to perform a variety of specialized cleaning tasks that are as varied as the businesses they service.

So whether you are in Raleigh, Charlotte or throughout the Carolinas, give us a call today!

Our Clients

Where We Serve


Athletic Facilities

We keep your athletic facilities looking as good as the day you opened.


Commercial Building

We provide professional cleaning services for your commercial properties.


Retail Locations

Keep your store looking as good as the things you sell.




Everything tastes better when it comes from a clean kitchen.


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